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Island Cannabis Co.

Island Cannabis Co. is at the forefront of the craft marijuana industry in British Columbia. A dispensary in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, we specialize in top-shelf organic flowers, extracts, and edibles.

In anticipation of the official legalization of marijuana in Canada, we’re leading the industry by being the source for all your cannabis needs and educating the public about consumption and culture.

Whether you have questions about marijuana and its health effects, or you’re ready to reap the benefits of the flower, we are here to answer your queries and give recommendations on the top buds and products for you to enjoy.


Green and True: Island Grown & Organic

Many people in the cannabis and medical industries realize the potent health benefits of the flower, but those benefits can be negated by the use of harsh pesticides and fertilizers. At Island Cannabis, we believe the marijuana plant is already perfectly tailored by nature itself to bring balance and harmony into people’s lives.

That’s why our flower, edibles, and extracts— uphold high-quality standards throughout the entire process. From organic growing, to green sustainability methods of drying and curing, we only embrace the green approach from start to finish. No pesticides, chemical sprays, or fertilizers here—all our flower is organic and just as nature intended.

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Who Can Buy and Enjoy?

At the moment, Canadians can pursue a federal license to consume cannabis through the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations program (ACMPR). The first step is meeting with a doctor who prescribes marijuana as medicine. Not all doctors choose to do this. If you are interested in obtaining a ACMPR license, contact us and we will connect you with a qualified physician. Island Cannabis is your trusted source for buying medical marijuana in Canada.


Our Happy, Flowering Island

Island Cannabis Co. is committed to growing awareness about cannabis culture and sharing the many benefits of marijuana with the Canadian public. Our online dispensary in Canada is like a happy little island, where people come to enjoy the gifts of nature.

From educational articles and blogs to support users, to a large online inventory of organic flower, edibles, and extracts, we are the source for marijuana in Canada. Sign up for a membership to receive exclusive deals and bring some flower into your life.


Anyone can enjoy the numerous health and quality-of-life benefits that cannabis has to offer. Medicinal marijuana users can learn more about the various health benefits—such as reducing epileptic seizures, treating eating disorders, and reducing joint or cataract pain, to name a few—through our education portal. Medical users can discover information about using marijuana, understand various strains and types of THC and CBD, and learn more about cannabis culture here on our education and blog portals.


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