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Understanding Methamphetamine Dependency

Methamphetamine, commonly known as ‘meth’, is an extremely addictive chemical drug that users smoke, ingest, or inject intravenously.

Rehabilitation from a methamphetamine addiction lasts longer than other drugs such as cocaine. The drugs come down period is also more intense compared to cocaine. Once a user begins methamphetamine use, they will be able to conduct normal activities such as eating, sleeping and working like a healthy individual, for a time. With more use, however, meth results in increased tolerance. Ceasing meth use is not as dangerous a process as quitting a drug like heroin. Its use, however, leads to higher levels of tolerance and thats why getting off it is so difficult. Meth addicts trying to recover from this substances use experience excessive lethargy, sleepiness, very intense depression, heightened anxiety and an increase in their appetites. They can also develop psychosis and paranoia.

Treatment for meth addiction

Most meth addicts are taken to drug treatment programs to recover. Once there, they go through a preliminary detox program. Often, this program is highly traumatizing as a result of the intense anxiety and other psychological effects stemming from withdrawal. However, such programs have successfully enabled meth users to reach sobriety and resume normal lives.

How Marijuana can help treat Meth Addictionmedical cannabis graphic

Medical marijuana is highly beneficial to the treatment of anxiety and depression. Once the drug is smoked or ingested, it produces a calming effect on the individual. In this way, meth addicts going through the withdrawal phase of their rehabilitation can cope better with their withdrawl symptoms. When methamphetamine addicts are going through their withdrawal, they find no pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. The use of cannabis can help them to relax and unwind.

Lack of sleep associated with meth withdrawal can also be treated using medical marijuana. This applies in particular if the meth addicts insomnia is stemming from anxiety attacks. Cannabis counteracts these effects and helps the individual get a good nights sleep.

Cannabis can also be used to elevate a persons mood. Cannabinoids produce pleasurable feelings and a sense of well-being each time they are used. When utilized by a meth addict undergoing withdrawal symptoms, the recovering addict can have a better outlook towards life. This is critical for their recovery. Due to its calming effects, medical marijuana also decreases a users levels of irritability. The users also experience reduced cravings for crystal meth, enabling them to cope better with rehabilitation. With correct use, medical marijuana can help meth addicts to reach a full recovery.

Points to note for medical marijuana’s use for meth addicts

There are many clear benefits of using cannabis for meth addicts trying to recover. You should be aware that recovering from a meth addiction is a very delicate process. Marijuana can only be used to help these users recover if it is carefully administered. The level of each addicts will to succeed through the drug treatment program using medical marijuana also plays a part in their recovery. Always consult your doctor before beginning cannabis use to treat meth addiction.