Cannabis For Treating Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is typically described by medical practitioners as any pain lasting beyond twelve weeks whereas acute pain is temporary and typically warns us of injury. Chronic pain may interfere with daily activities such as work, sports, driving or other physical activities. Chronic pain may arise from a variety of sources, such as a back sprain or the development of an illness. In other cases, there may be no clear cause as to the reason for your consistent ache. As a result of chronic pain’s limitations many patients often end up feeling disabled. As such, despair is a common characteristic among individuals who are experience chronic pain.

Treatment methods

Conventionally, medical practitioners use opiates to treat chronic pain. However, opiate-based medications have a wide range of side effects and can be addictive. As such, they could end up doing more harm than good for people living with chronic pain. Since 1999, opiate prescriptions have increased by 400 percent. Furthermore, the number of opiate overdoses per year is on the rise. Marijuana offers a safer and healthier way to treat chronic pain. This has been demonstrated in a variety of studies conducted by scientists around the world.

Evidence that marijuana is beneficial for chronic pain

A study conducted by a Canadian research team has suggested that three inhalations of marijuana smoke every day can significantly reduce the intensity of pain for those suffering from chronic pain4. The study looked at 21 men and women suffering from neuropathy, a type of chronic pain resulting from nerve damage. The researchers administered a placebo along with three different concentrations of marijuana to the patients. These dosages were taken for two months in fixed periods that had no particular order. During the administration of their medication, patients were instructed to inhale from a pipe with capsules of marijuana for the day. They held the smoke in their lungs for 10 seconds then exhaled soon afterward. They repeated this procedure three times a day. At the end of the study, the scientists discovered that marijuana use significantly reduced the intensity of pain the participants were feeling. This confirmed the use of cannabis as an effective analgesic.

In another study conducted in Canada, scientists followed 215 people who used medical marijuana to treat their chronic pain for one year. Additionally, they followed 216 individuals who did not use medical marijuana in their treatment plans for chronic pain. At the end of the year, the results from revealed that participants who used medical marijuana experienced a lesser degree of pain. Additionally, there was no difference between the two groups in terms of adverse side effects of the treatment plans. This suggests that medical marijuana can be used just like any other chronic pain-relieving medication.

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