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Indica vs Sativa: Know The Difference

As marijuana use becomes increasingly popular across the world, people have yearned to know more about the plant. There is a broad range of cannabis both for medicinal and recreational use. The fact that there is so much variety has enabled avid users of the herb to pick their favorite strains. For those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, the choice of what marijuana strain to use has been largely dependent on the effects each type has on the user.

It is highly recommend that one understands the properties and effects of the different types of medical marijuana before beginning any treatment regimen. Using the information in this guide, you will understand some fundamental differences between the various forms of marijuana. Over 90 percent of current marijuana species all come from two primary strains, cannabis indica or sativa, and both yield distinct effects. Here are some of the differences between the two strains.

1.    Effects

Cannabis sativa mainly affects the mind. Buds from this strain are known to produce a more uplifting sensation amongst users. When you use this particular strain, you can easily find yourself laughing uncontrollably or engaging in deep conversations. Its effects have been alluded to heightening creativity. As a result, cannabis sativa use is fairly rampant amongst artists, musicians and philosophers. Some sub-species of this strain have even enabled users to perceive sounds, lights and colors more intensely. Rooms may appear to be more vibrant with this strain’s use. All in all, this particular strain will keep you energized. That means it is ideal for outdoor activities, adventures or to kickstart your day. In the medical world, sativa’s energized effect is beneficial for the treatment of mood disorders such as depression.

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Cannabis indica produces a more calming effect. Its relaxing sensation is similar to that of some narcotics. All in all, this strain makes your whole body unwind. With this in mind, cannabis indica is perfect for days spent resting. Most people use this strain after a long day in the office or after physically exhausting work to simply relax. The heavy sedative effects of cannabis indica provide benefits towards sleep apnea, chronic pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. It can also be advantageous towards patients who have lupus. This strain has also been used to produce medication for stress and pain relief.

2.    Flavor

Over time, different variations of cannabis have interbred. The cross-breeding has brought up a wide variety of flavors. Tracing back to marijuana’s roots, we find that the classic taste from cannabis indica is usually sweet. It can be compared to the taste of blueberries or strawberries. Sativa’s taste, on the other hand, isn’t all that sugary. Instead, it resembles the earthy taste pine has.

Marijuana around the world3.    Geographical Origin

The use of marijuana has spread across the world. As a result of the rising demand, the rate of this herb’s cultivation has also increased. Looking back, we realize that cannabis did not originate from a single place. Investigations have been conducted, and it was found that each of the main strains of the plant have different origins.

Cannabis indica was first discovered in the Hindu Kush area located in the Middle East. Early discoveries of the growth of this strain have also been linked to Turkey, Morocco, and Afghanistan. Sativa strains, on the other hand, were first discovered to be growing in regions nearer the Equator. Early records of Sativa’s wild growth have been in Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, and areas of Southeast Asia

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