Marijuana, or cannabis, is widely used in the Americas. Renowned for its pain-relieving qualities, marijuana has been used to treat many conditions over the decades. Doctors prescribe it to patients who have multiple sclerosis, cancer, and even more recently, attention deficit disorder and epilepsy. Patients who take marijuana to deal with their conditions can find it in a variety of forms. Depending on the effect they desire to achieve, patients have a choice from the following marijuana products.

Flowers and pre-rolls

Medical marijuana flowers and pre-rolls are the most widely used marijuana products, accounting for over half of legal cannabis users in the United States alone. The traditional buds are put into pipes and smoked to get the desired effect. The pre-rolls can be obtained ready-to-use from stores. All one has to do is light them and inhale to get the instant relief that marijuana can provide.


Marijuana concentrates

Marijuana concentrates have very high THC levels, so they are usually not recommended for people with a low tolerance to THC or for those who are new to marijuana use. Concentrates come in various forms. Users can find them in pharmacies as dabs, oil, hash, shatter and wax. The good part about marijuana concentrates is that they provide instant relief, however they can be quite strong, so one must be careful with dosing considerations.

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In the past the only marijuana edible a person could find on the market were the marijuana brownies. They may sound good, but they tasted awful. Today, pharmacies stock everything from marijuana-infused cookies to popcorn, crackers, lollipops and even ice cream. The taste has improved over the years such that an individual may not even notice whatever they are eating has contains marijuana products.



If it can come as food, sooner or later it will be a beverage. Marijuana beverages are available in most pharmacies at affordable rates. It comes as teas, smoothie ingredients, juice, and sodas. Marijuana beverages are more suitable for those people who opt for long-lasting pain relief and do not mind waiting for the effect to kick in thirty or so minutes later.

Arial view of a Cannabis Smoothie

Marijuana capsules

For anyone looking for an easier way to use marijuana without suffering the taste or effect on the lungs, marijuana pills are the way to go. The capsules contain marijuana oil, and they can be taken with almost anything. The only downside is that the pills take half an hour to two hours to take effect – not very suitable for those looking for instant results.

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Tinctures and sublingual

Marijuana tinctures and sublingual sprays are a favorite for use with children who need to use marijuana. All one has to do is put a small drop of the substance below the tongue. The marijuana is then absorbed into the bloodstream through tissue in the mouth.

People who need marijuana can also use marijuana transdermal patches to deal with their conditions.


Several companies make marijuana-infused lotions, bath additives, sprays, and salves. These topicals are good for people who are not only looking for pain relief but other effects such as healing dry or burnt skin. Topicals do not give highs, therefore, they are not typically used recreationally.

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